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Stepping Up for Student Success

Florida Association for Student Success 43rd Annual Conference

The Florida Association for Student Success (FASS) is currently planning its 43rd annual state conference, focusing on best practices. Increasing student success continues to garner attention on a national level. Many great initiatives are being implemented. FASS has certainly not been blind to these initiatives and to the faculty, staff, and administrators putting them into practice.  We have learned a lot over the past year, and the 2024 FASS Conference will be a great venue to share our experiences.

We are seeking proposals for in person presentations from faculty, staff, and administrators that focus on practical strategies that participants can apply at their institutions. Proposals will be selected based on appropriateness, level of practical value, significance of the topic, and applicability at other institutions.

FASS conference strands include, without being limited to:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Tutoring and student support
  • Advising and counseling
  • Strategies for promoting success for all learners
  • Education reform and trends
  • AI in higher education.

Now is the ideal time to put our research and ideas into practice. Please fill out the form below and return to the contacts listed at the end.

Format of Sessions

All sessions will be scheduled for 45 minutes. The sessions are to be interactive and include time for questions and answers.  The emphasis is on structured activities for the participants with the presenters helping participants determine ways to apply the best practice at their institution. The presenter may distribute handouts and use audiovisual aids.

Responsibilities of Presenters

  • Only those registered for the conference may actually present a session. All presenters must register and pay fees for the conference, or the session will be canceled.
  • All communications will be sent to the Contact Presenter, who is responsible for notifying all co-presenters.
  • The content of a session should not be significantly altered once the proposal is accepted.
  • Presenters are responsible for bringing all of their own technical equipment other than flip charts, markers and projection screens and for providing any handouts. 
  • FASS is unable to reimburse program participants for expenses.

Exhibitor Sign Up

2024 Call for Proposals

Our Purpose

The Florida Association for Student Success is committed to improve the professional capabilities of educators, the programs designed to prepare educators, and the practice, theory, and delivery of education to the students of the State of Florida.

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