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FASS Denouncement of anti-Asian hate speech and violence

Florida Association for Student Success has a responsibility to its members and to all students to be an agent for positive change in our communities.  FASS is an organization that fosters inclusion not only within our own organization but also within our institutions, classrooms, and communities, knowing that doing so creates the best environment for our students’ success in college and in life.  We condemn racism in all its forms, specifically as put before us in recent days, anti-Asian hate speech and acts of violence.  We mourn with the rest of the nation the recent violent deaths of Daoyoue Feng, Delaina Yaun, Xieojie Tan, Hyun Greut, Soon Park, Sincha Kim, Yon Ae Yue, as well as Elcias Hernandez-Ortiz, and Paul Michels.  May all students know that FASS is committed to assisting educators in creating inclusive, safe, and welcoming learning environments which foster student success in all aspects of life.

Our Purpose

The Florida Association for Student Success is committed to improve the professional capabilities of educators, the programs designed to prepare educators, and the practice, theory, and delivery of education to the students of the State of Florida.

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