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FDEA Statement on Racial Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Florida Developmental Education Association (Florida Association for Student Success) stands in solidarity with the peaceful protestors across the country and the globe sparked by the death of Mr. George Floyd and others, such as Ms. Sandra Bland, Mr. Tamir Rice, Mr. Walter Scott, Ms. Breyonna Taylor, Mr. Michael Brown, Jr., and more, who have been victims of injustice. FDEA is committed to being part of the solution for racial reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion. FDEA understands and believes that Black Lives Matter, and will continue to support strategies for combatting and eliminating the systemic racism that has plagued America and has kept it from living up to its principled ideas as stated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.”

Our Purpose

The Florida Association for Student Success is committed to improve the professional capabilities of educators, the programs designed to prepare educators, and the practice, theory, and delivery of education to the students of the State of Florida.

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